Episode 95 – The Only Gin n’ Juice Recipe We’ll Ever Need

This week’s episode is a short and concise listen as we attempt to get back into our normal groove after some disruptions to the usual schedule. The new songs are sparse, but we discuss tracks from KAMI feat. Chance the Rapper & Joey Purp, Super Unison, and Street Sects. In the news topics: Adult Swim finalizes its 1st ever festival line-up, the 1st proper trailer for Chance’s debut feature film, and Snoop Dogg expands his culinary reach beyond your meager television screens.

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New songs

8:10 – KAMI feat. Chance the Rapper & Joey Purp – “Reboot”
11:49 – Super Unison – “Falcon”
13:41 – Street Sects – “In for a World of Hurt”

News topics

16:53 – Bad Robot Productions launches record label
20:20 – Upcoming film Slice, starring Chance the Rapper, reveals 1st official trailer
24:15 – Snoop Dogg to release his first cookbook in October
26:44 – Post Malone announces inaugural Posty Fest
30:44 – Adult Swim Festival finalizes inaugural line-up
36:07 – New album releases for August 31st, 2018/Sign-off

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Episode 95 - The Only Gin n' Juice Recipe We'll Ever Need

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