Episode 18 – Hallelujah, Gorillaz!

This week, we discuss new tracks from Gorillaz, Warbringer, Havok, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Cuz, and more. In the news: Slightly Stoopid do something pretty stoopid, the trailer for FlyLo’s debut feature film, and R.I.P. Tidal jokes on this podcast… for now.

Listen to the episode using the link below.

Your hosts this week are Robert (@RobBarracuda), Alex (@AuraOfAzure), and Mark (@MAK2HybridMedia).

Surreal Resolution (@SurrealReso):

Playlist of music discussed this week: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwHe7rnH7Wl8TMW0HdrVUc070wEB-2p1f

Time stamps:
4:50 – Northlane – “Intuition”
6:28 – Cuz feat. Killer Mike – “Pots N Pans”
7:53 – Obituary – “Sentence Day”
9:54 – Arcade Fire feat. Mavis Staples – “I Give You Power”
11:53 – Warbringer – “Silhouettes”
13:59 – Havok – “Hang ‘Em High”
16:12 – Yasutaka Nakata feat. Charli XCX & Kyary Pamya Pamyu – “Crazy Crazy”
19:08 – Gorillaz feat. Benjamin Clementine – “Hallelujah Money”

News Topics:
24:06 – James Hetfield to narrate documentary about porn addiction
27:44 – Flying Lotus releases Kuso trailer
30:49 – Paul McCartney suing Sony for ownership of Beatles catalog
34:25 – Mike Judge working on animated show about country musicians
38:21 – Bruce Springsteen plays private concert for Obama’s staff
40:41 – Slightly Stoopid print vinyl record made of weed
45:30 – Sprint buys one third of Tidal
49:05 – New album releases for January 27th, 2017
50:27 – Sign-off

Music for this podcast courtesy of Mr.E:
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Twitter – https://twitter.com/misteretunes

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Episode 18 - Hallelujah, Gorillaz!

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