Monthly Album Roundup – August 2018

Welcome to the Decibel Boost Podcast album roundup for the month of August 2018. As the fall season comes around the corner, the momentum of the music industry continues, delivering a nice distribution of high-profile and varied releases in multiple genres. This month: Alex comments on some proggy offerings from Dave Grohl and the Pineapple Thief while also discussing albums from some beloved YouTubers. Mark crowns another rap album of the year contender with Ka’s newest musical greek odyssey, offers some kind words for the latest Mitski, DJ Muggs, and Blood Orange releases, and he lays some salt on the latest Nicki Minaj album. Finally, Robert talks up some filthy new releases from Mantar and Thou, the latest punk offering from Idles, and helps Mark in firing back on Eminem’s surprise new tantrum of an album.

Your hosts this month are Robert (@RobBarracuda), Alex (@AuraOfAzure), and Mark (@MAK2HybridMedia). Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Google Play Music.

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Spotify playlist of albums discussed this month:


2:32 – What Exactly Came Out In August 2018
7:55 – Alex’s August Listenings (Fall Out Boy, Dave Grohl, Crash Thompson, Ninja Sex Party, The Pineapple Thief, etc.)
27:16 – Mark’s August Listenings (Hermit & The Recluse, Mitski, Blood Orange, Travis Scott, Mac Miller, YG, Nicki Minaj, etc.)
1:11:38 – Robert’s August Listenings (Iglooghost, Idles, Thou, Soreption, KEN mode, Dance With The Dead,  Alice In Chains, Eminem, etc.)

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Decibel Boost
Monthly Album Roundup - August 2018

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