Episode 224 – No Yeah, Everything’s Fine

This week: it’s another one of those song buffet kinds of weeks. These offerings include the latest single from Billie Eilish’s upcoming album, new solo material from Daughters vocalist Alexis Marshall, a pair of tracks featuring the hard-hitting bars of Denzel Curry, Chvrches announce a new album on the horizon, and Sunrise Skater Kids are back to promise that things are perfectly “fine.” Also, as of this episode, the Decibel Boost Podcast is now officially available to listen to on Spotify!

Your hosts this week are Robert (@RobBarracuda), Alex (@AuraOfAzure), and Mark (@MAK2HybridMedia). Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Spotify.

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Playlist of music discussed this week: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwHe7rnH7Wl8P69gJwGhbKcGvQThbXsvy



New songs

6:40 – Two Minutes to Late Night – “Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen cover)”
8:51 – Alexis Marshall – “Hounds in the Abyss”
10:47 – Chvrches feat. Robert Smith – “How Not To Drown”
13:06 – Denzel Curry feat. PLAYTHATBOIZAY – “Bad Luck”
15:09 – Jasiah feat. Denzel Curry & Rico Nasty – “Art of War”
18:21 – Moor Mother – “Zami”
20:11 – Kælan Mikla – “Ósýnileg”
22:24 – Sunrise Skater Kids – “Still Posi”
26:27 – Scale The Summit feat. Courtney LaPlante – “The Land of Nod”
28:50 – Billie Eilish – “Lost Cause”

33:09 – New album releases for June 11th, 2021/Sign-off

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Decibel Boost
Episode 224 - No Yeah, Everything's Fine

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