Episode 324 – Wait, Usher Is Still Around??

This week: the crew discusses new songs from 070 Shake, DJ Shadow, Jean Dawson & SZA (complete with the world’s first music video jump scare), Blink-182, and more. In the news: the NFL unveils the official performer for 2024’s Super Bowl Halftime Show… and it’s someone that we hadn’t thought about in ages.

Your hosts this week are Robert (@RobBarracuda), Alex (@AuraOfAzure), and Mark (@MAK2HybridMedia). Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Google Podcasts.

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Playlist of music discussed this week:

New songs

7:20 – 070 Shake – “Black Dress”
9:45 – Roc Marciano – “Chris Angel”
11:33 – Jean Dawson & SZA – “No SZNs”
14:40 – DJ Shadow – “You Played Me”
16:22 – Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter – “I Will Be With You Always”
18:27 – Blink-182 – “One More Time” & “More Than You Know”

News topics

21:04 – Usher to perform at 2024 Super Bowl Halftime show
27:42 – New album releases for September 29th, 2023/sign-off

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Decibel Boost
Episode 324 - Wait, Usher Is Still Around??

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