Episode 183 – Beavis and Butt-head Return… Again…

This week: the crew discusses new tracks from John Carpenter, Pain of Salvation, Ty Dolla $ign feat. Kanye West, Skrillex, FKA Twigs, & serpentwithfeet, Patten, The Ocean, Mike Shinoda, and more. In the news topics: two old prog metal friends reunite, Vanilla Ice being… well, Vanilla Ice, and the most iconic teen dumbasses of the ‘90s are making a comeback… again.

Your hosts this week are Robert (RobBarracuda), Alex (@AuraOfAzure), and Mark (@MAK2HybridMedia). Subscribe to the podcast on Google Play and iTunes.

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Playlist of music discussed this week: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwHe7rnH7Wl8l3oZd0qn3_LNKuxBp4BZG


New songs

12:37 – John Carpenter – “Skeleton” and “Unclean Spirit”
15:26 – Mike Shinoda – “Open Door”, “Super Galaxtica”, and “Osiris”
19:03 – Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire (prod. By Madlib) – “Black Mirror”
21:32 – Washed Out – “Time To Walk Away”
23:18 – Patten – “Rorschach”
24:46 – Imperial Triumphant feat. Tomas Haake – “City Swine”
27:08 – Disclosure feat. slowthai & Amine – “My High”
28:49 – Pain of Salvation – “Accelerator”
32:54 – The Ocean feat. Jonas Renkse – “Jurassic|Cretaceous”
35:59 – Refused – “The Ballad of Buck Ravers”
38:43 – Ty Dolla $ign feat. Kanye West, Skrillex, FKA Twigs, and serpentwithfeet – “Ego Death”

News topics

43:05 – RIP Jordan Groggs of Injury Reserve and film composer Ennio Morricone (Jordan Groggs gofundme campaign can be found here)
45:57 – Vanilla Ice is dumb
52:21 – 21 Savage to launch online financial literacy program for teens amidst coronavirus pandemic
53:44 – Some of those 50 million missing Myspace songs have been recovered
56:10 – New episodes of Beavis and Butt-head headed to Comedy Central
1:02:14 – Mike Portnoy to play drums on John Petrucci’s new solo album
1:04:02 – New album releases for July 10th, 2020/Sign-off

Clip used:

Ennio Morricone – “The Ecstasy of Gold” (as covered by Metallica)

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Decibel Boost
Episode 183 - Beavis and Butt-head Return... Again...

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